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Rental housing in the Czech Republic

The share of rented housing in the Czech Republic remains stable at 22.4%. However, macroeconomic assumptions are given for the growth of this share in the future. The gradually decreasing availability of own housing, especially in larger cities for average and below-average income groups, creates an increasing demand. In particular, the young generation's preference for a flexible shared economy favors rental housing. The graphs show a certain convergence to the situation with other countries in the EU.

Price development of real estate in the Czech Republic

The graph shows the development of apartment prices between 2005 and 2017. While the entire Czech Republic incl. of Prague increased by almost 35% compared to 2010, the Czech Republic without Prague recorded an increase of approx. 15%, when the price level reached the pre-crisis level only last year. This fact illustrates the different dynamics of Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic, when market development basically only corrected the crisis downturn and continued to develop in line with the performance of the Czech economy. Developments in Prague, on the other hand, show signs of an "overshooting" market. The regions thus represent a conservative option in an area where the room for price growth has not yet been exhausted, and on the contrary, a possible drop in prices in the event of a possible future drop should not be dramatic.

How to invest and securing your investment

The first Czech rental housing fund is a joint-stock company with variable capital (SICAV) in legal form, recognized by the ČESKÁ NÁRODNÍ BANK and managed by the important company AVANT. Grandberg & Partners is a proven investment intermediary from the founders. The depository is provided by Československá obchodní banka, as

Investment example

The minimum investment input is from CZK 1,000,000 for a three-year period. However, we recommend a five-year period where, even with a minimal input, the interest on the income from the years of previous appreciation starts to be interesting for the investor.

In the investment example, we calculate the minimum investment period and the minimum yield of 6%, which is guaranteed.

CZK 5,000,000 x 6% pa = CZK 5,300,000

input investment
min. yield per year
amount per year

CZK 5,300,000 x 3 years x 2 valuations = CZK 5,955,080

amount for 1 year
min. investment period
two-year appreciation x yield interest
the total amount after the end of the investment
Net return on investment from the example in time horizons

CZK 955,080 / 3 years

CZK 318,360 / per year

CZK 26,530 / month

or use the investment calculator for an overview according to your needs

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